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  1. I have learned in my 60years that all black women are beautiful. All of our different shapes and sizes are beautiful. As a teenager and young woman I had a body that was universally admired. When I reached my fifties I still had the body. I suddenly became ill at age fifty-five and lost my body. I desperately tried to find out what was wrong for 4 and a half years. I lost coincidence in myself for 4 of those years. I refused to buy clothes to fit me. I wore my old clothes, desperate to look the same. It wasn’t until my granddaughter insisted that I buy a new dress for Easter that I did so. I found a dress that I looked good in! I realized it was just a matter of how to dress. We also found out what was wrong with me. With medical support U have started to gain wait. I realize that I will always look good it is just a matter of keeping my head right.

  2. This is totally amazing. I am a natural Sister as well. I have 4 little girls that I encourage to rock their hair and to be proud of who they are living in a mixed but mostly white neighborhood and going to white dominated schools. We have been faced with challenges but I encourage them in the Word of God as well. Looking forward to being encouraged by this!! #naturalgirlsrock#

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