Beauty Of The Day: Ria Michelle

Ria-Hollywood--46Introduce yourself.

I’m Ria Michelle and I’m a digital influencer, blogging and living it up in Miami.



How do you defy society’s typical beauty standards?

I actively try not to think about society’s typical beauty standards. If you let that stuff get to you, you end up being a watered down version of yourself and who wants that. My thing: do what I want and wear what makes me happy. I’m on a pursuit of happiness for myself not for society.


What inspires your style?

Heavily inspired by my mood. Sometimes I wake up feeling very grunge, somedays I want to glam it up.  I’m also really influenced by cities and spaces and their vibes.

What are your go-to beauty products?

I absolutely must have Becca highlighter. I recently took a quick trip to New York and I forgot this highlighter…unacceptable. I can’t get ready without it. Also a good mask is essential for skin care. I love Glossier and Frank masks.


Would you say you’re 100% comfortable in your own skin at this point in your life?  How so or why not?

I’m comfortable in my skin. I love so much more about me than I did when I was younger. I think I’m pretty great haha.

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