Real Beauty Moment: Jersey Girl Blue

Photo: Abi Ishola, Beyond Classically Beautiful

Growing up in the neighborhood that I grew up in, I didn’t quite look like everybody that was around me.

It was a little hard to deal with. You know when you see one type of look everywhere you feel like, ‘I don’t blend in, something’s wrong with me.’   Usually my hair is really big and curly, and allowing myself to wear my hair natural took a lot. I remember one day I did it, I lived in Jersey and I was taking the train to the city and it was the middle of the night, people were drinking, and one guy came up to me, he was like, “how did you get your hair like that?” Everyone in the train looked at me and I was mortified.  I didn’t wear my hair out for maybe another 6 or 7 months. So things like that. People making you feel really different even though being different is okay and good, sometimes it’s just hard to understand that. Especially when you’re younger. As you get older it gets easier, you understand it more, and you appreciate it more.

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