11 Cool Cropped Haircuts You’ll Love

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Whether you wear your hair natural or not, straight or curly, there’s nothing like a cool cropped hair cut to show off your face and bring out your edgier side. 

From short to mid length, check out some of our favorite crop cuts that will be sure to inspire your hair goals.

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“I love my cut because it’s a perfect mix between edgy and sweet. It is relatively low maintenance aside from the frequent barbershop trips but it’s not basic. My go-to style right now is a twist out using Carols Daughter’s Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner spray and Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie on damp hair. And of course, a little Eco styler gel for the baby hairs.” – Symone Alexis


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If you have natural 4c hair, a twist out is a great way to define your curls.


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Soft springy curls plus a tappered cut equal sugar and spice.



“I love my hair short like this for many reasons. It’s trendy, manageable since I have a busy schedule with my 11-year-old daughter, it’s sassy, and it allows me to express my creativity, plus my husband loves me with short hair.  That’s a plus.  My hair routine is quite simple. I co-wash my hair every Sunday and apply a leave in conditioner by cream of nature. I deep condition every other Sunday. I add a little almond oil or olive oil for extra hydration.  As for styling, my barber is in charge of the cutting.  For the top, I two strand twist my hair DRY over night, then untwist it in the morning. Fluff with my fingers for style and shape. For the finishing touches, I use anti humidity spray for shine.” – Brittany  



A bowl hair cut will give you a double dose of style.  Whether you’re going for a conservative look or something cool and chic, this cut is the way to go.


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“I cut my hair back in September because just wanted a change from weave.  Although I like to switch it up here and there I prefer my short look because it’s much easier to manage. I’ve been natural for 6 years now and even with being natural my hair is still easy to manage with it being short.  I usually get it washed and molded and then a soft curl or sometimes I’ll do finger waves depending on the look I feel like going for.  For me a shot cut is so sassy and sophisticated.  I love it!  I’ll probably keep this look for a while and then grow it out to a short bob later.  I’m a model so I’m always having to do different looks with my hair’ but as far as a everyday style for me I’ll be rocking the short look.”- Kourtney M



This whispy cut will unleash your fun flirty girl side.


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“I love my hair this way for a few reasons. For one, I’m petite so short hair fits my short everything else. I also love the way short hair frames my face. Another reason is because short hair is always healthy because it’s kept nice and trimmed and it’s easy to distribute products such as oils onto every strand of hair.” – Marielle


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“I cut my hair this past March and I love it because it is super easy to maintain.  Although it is a very classic look I feel like my natural short hair sets me apart from other women. I also love my natural curls pattern. I maintain my hair by going to the salon every couple of weeks.  I get the back and sides coiled, and the crown is done using very skinny flexi rods.  I sit under the dryer for about 30 minutes and that’s it.” – Zenobia



Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors.  


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The undercut is perfect for an androgynous edge.

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