Fitness For Spirit: Box Like Reese

Reese Scott

For our final week of our “Fitness for Spirt” series we highlight Reese Scott.

She’s the founder of the Women’s World of Boxing, the first woman only boxing gym in New York City that provides females with a safe, comfortable, uplifting and empowering boxing gym to explore the sport of boxing.

As a licensed boxing coach, over the past 8 years Reese has taught over 1,000 women and girls how to box and become champions in their lives as well as in the ring.  All this she accomplished after stepping into a male dominated boxing gym where she was made to feel as if she didn’t belong.


When did you begin boxing?

I started boxing 12 years ago. I was 215 pounds battling obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and myself.


TrainingPic6Describe the work you do at Women’s World of Boxing and how the idea came about.

The best way that I can describe the work I do with Women’s World of Boxing is that it isn’t work, it’s sharing.

I share what I know, so that my clients will know. I share where I’ve been, in order for them to have a clear understanding why I founded Women’s World of Boxing and what our community represents. I share how I arrived where I am, to help them see that they always have options in choosing and changing directions in their lives. I share where I intend to go, because I believe that with every goal reached, it’s important to set another goal.

The idea came about maybe 3 years into my training, when I realized the boxing gym had become my sanctuary. I started visiting local boxing gyms and I kept a list of all the things I liked and the things I didn’t like. After a while I accepted that what I wanted in boxing gym and community, didn’t exist so I decided to create it!

To this day, I thank all the unwelcoming guys and trainers at the gym who 12 years ago, on a weekly basis would tell me that boxing was a man’s sport; I had entered a man’s world and that I didn’t belong there.  They were the ones who helped me name Women’s World of Boxing.  I told them not to worry, that I was going to create a woman’s world inside their world and show them who really runs the world.



When did you realize boxing would be your activity of choice for living a healthy lifestyle?

About 6 months into training and I started replacing dinner and drinks with miles and rounds.


Describe how you feel when you’re boxing.

I feel most aware of my breathing, movement, balance, timing and rhythm when I’m boxing. I am calm, at peace and I feel myself grow mentally, physically and spiritually stronger with every round.


What are the ways boxing could put a person in tune with their deeper self and their spiritual connection?

These Are My Life/Boxing Fighting Four’s:

  1. Take Ownership of Your Choices.
  1. Make No Excuses.
  1. Be Present At All Times.
  1. Be Open To Learning.

I apply these principles to my training as well as how I live my life. When you make a mistake in boxing, you can’t blame the other person for closing an opening that you gave them. There is no time for excuses because that means you’re still in the past and the present is already happening. Being present will allow you to see combinations and obstacles coming which in turn will help you gain experience, learn how to protect yourself, strengthen and grow mentally, physically and spiritually.


What are some of the misconceptions about boxing?

That boxing is for men and that men and women who box are aggressive angry people.


Reese4Lots of people fall off the wagon when it comes to fitness.  What are your thoughts on the idea of making your fitness regimen a part of your spiritual life in order to stay motivated?  How could that become a reality for the average person?

For me, it was a process. First, I had to find a healthy definition of self love and then I had to learn how to love myself. In loving myself, I wanted the best for myself and decided that I was worthy of the best.

The mental and physical benefits I received from Boxing gave me life and made me feel at my best. So I think the key is, finding something that makes you feel like you want to give your best and treating that something as your gift to yourself.

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