Jacq’s Organics Founder, Barbara Jacques Shares How Cancer Led Her To A New Kind Of Obsession With Skincare

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Even before starting the skin, bath, and body line Jacq’s Organics, Barbara Jacques says she was always “that girl” who was really into her natural hair and makeup products.  But it wasn’t until discovering a health issue that the self-proclaimed, “recovering beauty-product junkie” truly became enamored with skin care.

“Four years ago, my husband and I were going to start our family, and literally a month after we found out that we were pregnant, I found out that I had a tumor in my left ovary,” says Jacques.

Much to the Florida native’s surprise, she found out that the cause was only 15 percent hereditary and 85 percent how I was eating and how I was living.  Around that time, she realized that some of the beauty products and food that she was consuming contained preservatives that aided to the growth of her tumor. “I stopped what I was doing and basically re-examined how I was living–and what I was putting on my skin and what I was putting in my body.  Just because they say that it’s natural and healthy doesn’t mean that it is,” explains the entrepreneur.

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Determined to educate herself, she says she became obsessed with researching skin care products and learning about ingredients and “the dirty dozen,” a term used to describe 12 toxic chemicals used in beauty products. “I became more intrigued when I learned more about my health and pregnancy. I became intrigued with baby skin care products, so I started experimenting with making natural soap bars and lotions.”

Inspired by her Caribbean roots, Barbara began creating things with aloe-based products for personal use. It wasn’t until friends and family stumbled upon her homespun creations that she and her husband started to think about launching a product line. With friends and family serving as their focus group, the couple began crafting and tweaking the products.


Having a background in communications with a concentration in media, Jacques mentions that her biggest challenge was herself and the fear of diving into an unknown industry. She was even hesitant at first to share her story.

In the spring of 2011, Jacq’s Organics was launched as an online business. “Our mission is to promote and encourage healthy alternatives that everyone in your family can love and enjoy,” says Jacques. “Jacq’s Organics is an all natural, product line that is multi-functional, family friendly, and is safe enough that even a baby can use. We have everything from skin care products, beauty products, and bath products.”

Based out of South Florida, Jacq’s Organics sources it ingredients from local farmers aiming to use the freshest, all-natural ingredients for the brand, which is a Green America Certified Business and certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Jacq’s Organics quickly received attention from local media, and a year after launching the business, Jacques was able to quit her job and focus on the brand full time. She also landed a few contracts with larger companies.

The family-based principles are what she keeps in mind when making these products that are almost good enough to eat for women, men, and children. “I try to create products that are multi-functional. I no longer have 45 minutes to sit in front of the mirror to perfect my wingtip or to perfect my contouring,” she says.

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“Our soap bars, you can use them on your face and your body. It’s formulated and it’s moisturizing enough that you can use it on your face,” she explained.  The line’s toners and body oils can also be used for various purposes.

Not only are the products meant to be multifunctional, best-sellers like the Carrot Con Leche Cleansing Bar ($5.00) are crafted to combat some of the largest skincare issues like hyper pigmentation and acne, especially for women of color.

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While offering a slew of other customer favorites like the Fancy Detox Cleansing Bar and the Green Smoothie Face Mask & Scrub, Jacques has plans to expand the product line. They recently added a candle collection after getting a number of requests from customers.  Driven by her customers, Jacques and her team are currently working on a limited edition bath balm collection for women and children. She is also experimenting with other interesting combinations like cactus and lime for future products.

To find out more about Jacq’s Organics or to purchase products, visit Jacqsorganics.com.


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