Real Beauty Moment: Bonded in Blogging, Hair, and Black Womanhood

Ijeoma Eboh of (left), Toia Barry of (right)

Ijeoma: Toia and I are both natural hair bloggers. When I moved to New York about three years ago, Toia was one of the first bloggers to welcome me into the hair scene. And we have been bumping into each other at events ever since and hanging out every once in a while.

Toia: Ijeoma is just the bomb. She’s just so real. She’s very down to earth. So real and super smart too, I mean like, PHD student? Come on, but she didn’t mention any of that [laughs].

Ijeoma: As a black woman I currently feel on top of the world. There are a lot of things happening for black women despite some unfortunate things that are also happening to us. I feel like right now black women are stronger and more beautiful and more powerful than we ever were. So I’m excited for what’s going on with us.

Toia: I’m loving just what’s happening now with black women also. We’re coming into our own and we’re starting to feel a lot more comfortable with who we are, given society and the way it is right now, it’s a shame. But I feel like we’re a lot stronger now. There is still a lot of prejudice out here and we’re just rising above all of it.


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