Real Beauty Moment: Tress Free

IMG_9342Sometimes I model, so I still encounter that whole, straight hair preference. I do shoots and the first thing they say is, “oh can you straighten it,” and I’m like, but you said you like my look. I’m not opposed to it but sometimes it’s kind of frustrating because I enjoy my curly hair.

In the beginning I struggled a lot. It was different, especially when I started going natural. I had a bad relaxer experience. I had given them up for a while and of course that was when the whole natural movement thing was going on. I was like, let me give it a shot, and I had assumed it would be a lot easier and that was clearly not the case. It was a lot more work than I was expecting, especially in regards to keeping it moisturized. There was like so much involved. At the time when the whole thing started there weren’t a lot of products that catered to us so well.

–Janine Tondu


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