9 Blush Colors That Compliment Brown Skin

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Dusting on a beautiful blush color is one of the best ways to brighten up the face and lift the cheekbones.  But even with the slight increase of beauty brands that cater to women of color, you might still run into colors that are poorly pigmented and don’t compliment your beautiful brown skin tone.  If you’re having trouble finding the right hues, get inspired by the beauties we found showing off some of the most vibrant colors on the market.

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“I am wearing La Femme Cosmetics blush in Russett and it has been my favorite so far.   I have worn it [with] most of my makeup for the past four months. It is a very earthy warm colour that complements women of colour.  It has a way of bringing those cheeks out and can be worn without having to contour the face. It can also be used as a transition colour on the eyes depending on the eye makeup look you are doing.” – @MiszPha

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Pink blush is an instant compliment to tan skin and blonde or light brown hair.  Try Bright Candy Pink by Nars.

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Coral pigments look great with gold eye shadows and highlighters.  Try Coral With Shimmer by Nars.

La Femme, Sienna: “This blush is so highly pigmented, affordable, blends effortlessly and looks amazing on deeper skin tones,” said Tricia P.  Affordable indeed.  One blush from the brand is only $3.50!

“I’m wearing MAC Raizin blush.  It is my all time favorite because it is so beautiful on deeper skin tones. It’s literally the only one I wear.” – Jay

Coryelle is also wearing Raizin by MAC. “I love wearing RAIZIN, its a beautiful color and it adds warmth to my skin tone,” she said.

This beauty is proudly showing off Gleeful Mineralize Blush by MAC.  Perfection!

“I’m wearing Hot Flush Blush made by Sephora in their colorful collection. This is a very well pigmented blush, which makes easy it to apply. Since I am a black woman having a blush that is well pigmented is very important, I don’t have to cake this on for it to show up and it holds on the brush well. Often I run into colors I would love to wear but I’m unable to.  [They] either makes the skin appear ashy or I have to cake it on for the color to appear. You can play around with thus blush. Its good if you just want a slight glow or if you need it to bring your face together.” – Tiffany Banks

When in doubt, look for a vibrant orange blush, which is arguably one of the best colors on dark skin.


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