Real Beauty Moment: To See Me Represented


I was born in Uganda and then my mom passed away when I was younger and my dad was living here so I moved here when I was 7. I grew up in Texas, and growing up in Texas, as a dark woman can be very tough. I feel like I didn’t get a sense of confidence or growth until I moved to New York where everyone was just more aware of certain things and more accepting of what I looked like.


When I was younger I was so insecure about my skin tone, being darker and having curves. I thought that was just not beautiful. But I feel like the more I look like myself and the more I saw women who looked like me the easier it was for me to accept myself and love myself. I got like a different kind of confidence and I think that’s where beauty comes from—having confidence and loving who you are as a person, physically and internally.

I want to do a fashion and arts magazine with mostly black models and people who look like me because I feel like there are a lot of young girls that do look like me but we don’t see women out there represented beautifully and classy, so we feel like we can’t do it or we can’t be a part of that. Also a lot of black women in arts are kind of overshadowed by white women. I just want it to be a space where we can all come together like wow, this is beautiful and powerful and it’s real.

– Roseline Lawrence


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