7 Reasons Concealer Is Your Superhero

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Concealers have been saving the day for nearly a century. 

We can thank the man named Max Factor for his creation of the first commercially made concealer. Since then, concealers have evolved into a variety of colors, textures, and opacity for every skin color and type. While most enjoy layering their concealers above foundation, others rather use concealer before applying foundation or even alone. As long as your concealer blends in well and gives you the coverage you desire, do as you please–absolutely no judgment.

I cannot even think about skipping the use of concealer in any makeup look. The powers of your concealer should be taken advantage of and used for good. Here is why you should always utilize the superpowers of concealer in any look:

1. Clean up & Shape Up 

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When filling in your eyebrows with your gel or powder, concealer cleans up anything out of place to shape your brows exactly the way you want. Not enough of on arch? Need your eyebrows done? Concealer can help with that. Using a small concealer brush, blend concealer above and below your brows with one shade lighter than your skin tone.

2. Halt that Lipstick

To prevent your lipstick from bleeding, line and blend the outer edges of your lips with concealer. This trick also makes your lips pop. Pow!

3. Prime Time 

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​Ran out of your Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer? Thats fine, concealer comes to the rescue! Prime your eyelids with concealer to keep your eyeshadow from falling off, smudging, or settling into your creases.

4. Lasting Lip Color

A great trick I use now and then for long lasting lipstick is lining and filling my lips with concealer. Blend and allow it dry before applying lipstick. Your lipstick will last longer and will also look more vibrant.

5. Fix It, Jesus!


Have I mentioned concealer always saves the day?  We all hate making those little mistakes when attempting to make the perfect cat eye. You can use concealer to fix little eyeliner mistakes.

6. Camoflouge

Concealer can also be used to cover up blemishes that make us wish we could just hide in a hole all day. Dab your clean finger in a full coverage concealer and apply in a patting motion to the blemish. Add loose powder and blend both into the skin. Poof! Goodbye blemish.

7. Highlight

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I suggest you take advantage of the fact that concealer is the perfect highlighting tool. It’s light-reflecting properties serves a great solution to under eye dark circles and areas of the face that naturally brightens in the light that may get covered by your foundation such as your temple, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and chin.

Concealer is definitely a great product. This tool should be a must-have in everyone’s makeup collection. Your big mistake would be to doubt this hero!

Jaynelle Stewart
Jaynelle Stewart

Beauty Editor

Jaynelle Stewart is a marketing student with a knack for beauty, style, and blogging. Jaynelle describes herself as urban, versatile, and a trap music enthusiast.

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