Beauty Blogger, Natural Belle Shares 5 Holistic Hair Care Products You Should Try In 2016

Natural Belle

There’s nothing like getting hair advice from a dope beauty blogger who lives and breathes beauty. 

In this case we called on holistic beauty blogger, Gina, AKA Natural Belle, of Hairspiration to fill us in how how she maintains her beautiful natural locs.  We love how versatile she is with her protective styles as she often goes from a loose curl, lengthy afro hair, or braids–then shows off her healthy asymmetrical afro.

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We caught up with the U.K. based beauty to find out what inspires her love for beauty blogging and what products she says you should try in 2016.


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What do you love most about being a black woman in the beauty blogging arena?

I like that I make natural and holistic beauty more accessible to women of color.  We still lack representation in the beauty industry as a whole and in the mainstream natural beauty arena which is even smaller we don’t really have women of color leaders in the field. This can be seen in the lack of diverse natural beauty products available such as foundations for darker skin tones. I love that my blog highlights beauty for women of color.

Natural Belle3We love your hair and how versatile you are with it!  What products do you use and what are your favorite techniques for maintaining beautiful tresses?  

I have a very simple regimen:

-Monthly I use a bentonite clay mask

-Weekly I co wash, rarely use shampoo unless I’ve used styling products which I don’t do very often.  I co wash with Organix Argon and Moroccan Conditioner.  It’s great for finger detangling and readily available as I go through a lot of conditioner. I use my more than expensive conditioners in a water and conditioner mix.

-Follow up with daily routine, and stretch my hair by pulling into a low bun or an occasionally blow dry or flat twists for wigs.  I stretch to cut down on single strand knots and tangles.

-Daily, I spray hair  with water and conditioner mix, and seal with Shea oil from Sheabutter Cottage.  I alternate between Haitian Castor oil and Touloucouna oil for daily scalp massage, concentrating on my edges and crown.

Who or what inspires you beauty wise?

Simple and natural ingredients, I love the no makeup makeup look, I also like a classic red lip.  Think Sade Adu.


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What are the top 5 holistic beauty products you feel women should try in 2016?

1. Haitian Castor oil from the Sheabutter Cottage: It’s an amazing oil for hair growth and strength great for scalp massage as well as deep treatments.

2. Bentonite Clay is a great natural cleanser it draws out impurities in the hair without stripping away much needed natural oils.

3. Touloucouna oil is another great oil, it’s not widely known but it’s an excellent oil for hair growth and great for re growing edges.

4. I love simple Shea Butter it’s the base for many of my most loved products and excellent in its raw form. It can be used for body and hair. It’s a staple of mine.

5. I use a great line of products for my daughter it’s called Big Hair they have an amazing conditioner which is great for all hair type. Great for all the family.

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