Celebrity Makeup Guru Margina Dennis Shares Beauty and Health Tips

Photo by W. Hope
Photo by W. Hope

Every woman wants to look and feel her best.

There’s a reason that dying your hair or getting a facial lifts your spirits.  However, less is more says Margina Dennis, a celebrity makeup artist from New York City with over 20 years of experience.

Dennis at NYFW
Dennis at NYFW

Dennis has created makeup looks primarily for TV commercials, web and corporate videos, commercial print advertising, editorial and live press events. Her celebrity clients include Tom Brady, Tracy Morgan, Cee-lo Green, Jane Lynch and to name a few. As a makeup artist, Dennis sees a lot of trends come and go all the time.

“I am so happy to see this trend of over the top eyebrows, contouring, highlighting, and thick foundation going away.  Women don’t need to do all of that to show their natural beauty and many men don’t like it,” says Dennis.

While most women are prone to a few beauty mistakes, such as applying too much cat eyeliner or too much lip color, Dennis addresses five things women should keep in mind.

Skin Care

Invest in good skincare and take care of your skin.  This is the secret of makeup not only lasting, but it also looking good on the skin.

Fashion Editorial for City Magazine. Photo by K. Wilson
Makeup by Dennis.  Fashion Editorial for City Magazine. Photo by K. Wilson

Be Positive ( Attitude is Everything)

Look in the mirror EVERY day and say something positive about something you see and find something different everyday.  Negativity has a horrible effect on our psyche and esteem.


Sun protection

It’s just as important for us as it is our lighting counter parts and they are many ones out there that don’t turn ashy.  My favorite is the brand Cotz, which can be found at Ulta and online.


Hair Care

I’m a big advocate for healthy hair and there are many hair practitioners that also subscribe to this and are interested in keeping follicle damage from occurring. For those of you that don’t want to wear your hair natural all the time there are some products out there that are less harmful to the hair.  www.beautifultextures.com is one of them and allows the curls to be more relaxed or the hair easily straightened but you can revert back to your curly hair with just shampoo.

Self-Indulge (Pamper Yourself)

I think taking a few moments for yourself in the morning to pamper yourself and you don’t have to wear makeup to do that.  Treat yourself to nice body oils, scrubs and moisturizers.  I am a big fan of treating the skin on the body with the same regard as the skin on the face.  www.treatbeauty.com has great natural body products and I am also a fan of 100 Percent Pure body products.


Marcelle Hutchins
Marcelle Hutchins


Marcelle Hutchins is a contributor of BeyondClassicallyBeautiful.com.

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