Real Beauty Moment: I Make Other Black Women Feel Beautiful


I am a Bronx native, hair and makeup artist, and also a beauty writer.

My favorite thing about this industry is the creative process. Even if a client is not dealing with anything really serious self esteem wise, just watching them go from one level to the next after the creative process, whether it’s a makeup look or a hairstyle, I’m just like really passionate and really in tune with that, one step to the next. It’s a really beautiful thing.

IMG_9484It makes me feel wonderful. I’m glad that I have this gift to do these things for women, black women especially. We don’t have a lot of things geared towards us. But being that I am a black woman I can cater to black women.

I love the creativity that comes with being a black woman. The different looks that we have—we have to celebrate it because that’s what makes us, us.

– Tyler Fields

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  1. So proud of you Miz Teyonce! Shining within you is a mine of shining gems, illuminating eberyone who see’s you! Keep inspiring. ?????

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