Real Beauty Moment: My Personal Mantra


What I Had To Overcome

Being a plus woman, it took a while for me to really accept that this is my body. Not everyone has specific curves. I actually had to come up with my own mantra: smile with your curves. It came randomly from a fashion show I was doing where I was the only plus model. I went to the bathroom and I almost started crying because all the other models were obviously straight size (size 0-4).   I was the only plus model so that could either go in a good way or a bad way. For me it was bad for maybe 2 hours. They were offering food and I didn’t even eat. I said, ‘No it’s fine, I don’t eat,’ (laughs). Duh, I love to eat (laughs). So I really had to tell my self, ‘Girl, smile with your curves. Get over it, you’re in this fashion show, you were chosen for a reason.’ So it took me a while to understand, ‘yeah, you’re a plus model, but why do you appreciate your body. It’s because I have curves so let me smile with it.’ And I also love my teeth (laughs).


My Inspiration

I was always a fan of Missy Elliot. She always inspires me. She’s in her mid 30s now, she also got diagnosed with a specific disease in her 30s, but she just throws it out there—she’s a plus woman, she’s a musician, she’s an actress, she’s short but she’s like, I still can do this. That’s me personally, I really love Missy Elliot. She’s raw, she helped me with my creativity, I just throw her on and it happens.

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