Burn Survivor, Shalom Nchom Shows The Power of Makeup And Self Love

shalomnchomShalom Nchom is the living breathing definition of beyond classically beautiful. 

The 20-year-old Maryland based makeup artist joined countless women in the #PowerOfMakeup challenge, applying makeup to only one half of her face.  The results show off her makeup prowess on one side and the burn scars left behind by a accident frying oil at her parents’ store in Nigeria, that took place during her childhood.


“Life after the accident wasn’t what I thought it would be,” Nchom told BuzzFeed. “I was stared at by kids and older people whenever I stepped out. I felt like a living statue that people came to see. It pushed me to be rude towards anyone who stared at me. I cursed people out and cried on many occasions.”


Nchom eventually learned how to do makeup through watching Youtube videos.  She eventually got so good at it, her classmates began paying her to do theirs.


Check out the video that this natural beauty posted showing off the power of makeup along with the power of self love and acceptance!


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