Hair Stylist Bianca Pitman Helps Women Look Good & Feel Better With All Natural Product Line


Bianca Pitman has experienced the devastation of losing family members and friends to cancer.

Having witnessed the affects chemotherapy has on the body, Pitman, 27, a licensed cosmetologist, started channeling her energy into helping countless women look and feel their best.

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Pitman’s role as the founder of Be You Beauty, a full service traveling stylist service for hair & makeup, helps her focus on making all natural products including Cinna Baby Hair Masque that is made of natural oils, avocado, herbs and holistic essential oils.

Made in her kitchen with loved ones in mind, Pitman’s products are good for both the hair and body.  Her company’s work has graced the pages of magazine spreads, fashion shows, music videos,  TV and film.  In 2015 Pitman was crowned  “NJ RAW Artist” Hairstylist of the Year.


MSA models fashion film.

Cinna Baby Hair Mask
Cinna Baby Hair Mask.

We caught up with Pitman to talk more about her products and services.

BCB: What inspired you to help women achieve a healthy and beautiful lifestyle?

I didn’t really know anything about cancer and how bad it could be on the body. I wanted to make women feel good about themselves from inside out. I know how cancer can make you feel—I wanted to do something that would help women see their inner beauty. We put 515 chemicals into our body everyday—We don’t realize how bad it is for the human body.


BCB: Cinna Baby was first introduced to women who suffer from illnesses. Has it since then expanded to most women?

When I first started making Cinna Baby I had two women who had cancer use the product. Then I just started giving it to everybody because people were seeing results. It helps with hair growth as well as clears your skin. I used it on my face two days ago and today my skin is clear. No acne.


BCB: What do butterflies represent for you?

I’m just intrigued by butterflies and I see them as spirits. After one of my favorite aunts passed away I saw a butterfly that flies around my house all the time. I just connect it to someone special. My mission in life is that whenever you look at butterflies you’ll think of me.


BCB: Are you managing Be You Beauty by yourself?

It’s just me right now. It’s not easy working with people who aren’t as ambitious as you are. Sometimes you get more done when you do it by yourself. I have a team of girls I can call to help me.

BCB: What other services do you offer?

As a freelance hair and makeup stylist I offer salon services like shampoo and styling, color retouch, relaxers, updos, and sew-in installations.


BCB: How did you come to embrace your beauty?

Growing up I had acne, big nose, big forehead. I’m very petite in size, and these women have booties and hips, and I’m just this little thing. I think as a woman, once you realize your worth, your looks just become a plus. I feel like the light that shines within, my statement is way more beautiful than what I look like.



Marcelle Hutchins
Marcelle Hutchins


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  1. Oh My Goodness!!! BIANCA!!! I am
    j-u-s-t seeing this link!
    I’m so proud of you. You look & sound as though you’re being Divinely Directed! Step into your Power love and rock your Genius…and your beauty will (already does) take care of it SELF.
    Diahne Parsons

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