International Women’s Day: The Women Who Inspire Us

It’s International Women’s Day! 

To celebrate, the Beyond Classically Beautiful team is saluting the women we admire.  Whether these women are directly in our lives or not, one thing we can all agree on is the fact that women are the backbone of our society.  Check out who made our list.

Marcelle and mom


The woman I admire most in this world is the woman who gave birth to me 26 years ago. A woman who, in spite of all the problems she had to face along the years, never gave up.  She is one of the most impressive women in my life and as well as a role model for me and my biggest fan.  I think it’s fair to say I am supernaturally close to my mother. I feel her heartbeat like my own.

Marcelle Hutchins, BCB Contributor



Every instance, experience and encounter we face in life plays a humongous part in shaping us a human beings. That said, there are certain people that really play the most important hand in that shaping; they touch your heart and soul in ways unimaginable and completely shift the way you look at yourself and the world.


I credit the greatest deal of my shaping and molding as a woman to my mother and my maternal and paternal grandmothers. Alpha females in the truest form, the three of them showed me not only how to be the strongest, surest version of myself through God firstly, and through their unwavering confidence, but also embrace my softness and vulnerability and each peak and valley of my femininity.


Through these three women, I’ve seen how to graciously take whatever life hurdles at you and turn it into a success. I’ve grown to find little to no uncertainty within myself at this point and even at times, I may have startled them with the depth of my dreams. That said, through every moment they’ve rooted me on and through their own actions, have taught me that my super power is that I am a WOMAN; everything that it entails is sheer greatness. The faith of a woman can literally change the world and is at the core of surely every triumph we’ve ever experienced or witnessed.

Thank you Mom, Grandma and Nana – I first believed in you and then in myself and every other perfectly imperfect woman of the world.

Alexa Palacios, BCB Contributor




I admire my baby girl. Children have all the answers.

I also admire Michelle Obama for being an amazing first lady and not embarrassing black women in the 8 years she has been in office. She’s brilliant, beautiful, sassy, a great mother and wife, and she is the true essence of a black woman. She doesn’t fit any of the stereotypes that the media tries to shove down our throats about us, and more than anything she is the exact opposite. When I think of her I am happy to be a black woman. Her hair is always on point too.

Yetty Bames, BCB Beauty Editor-At-Large



I don’t have one particular woman that makes me feel empowered, but rather every woman is my hero, from my mother to my sisters to the women I can meet on the street. Being a (black) woman in a (white) man’s world is a challenge itself so I get to admire every woman that follows her dreams and actually achieves them, they are my inspiration and my everyday heroes.

Bridget Ugwe, BCB Contributor



Jackie Alex is a beautiful wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been married for 25 years to her loving husband.  She been a Surgical Tech for over 16 years.  I admire how positive she is and how her positive spirit brings people together. I also admire Jackie because of her leadership in the community, she works with teen girls and she mentors them about teen pregnancy, education, and more.  She is also a surgical tech and she is passionate about every baby that she delivers. I admire how strong of a wife and mother she is and how pleasant her spirit is, she is a true lovechild.


I admire Cherina Alford’s courageous strength as a mother and wife. I admire her beauty from the inside and out. Cherina is mother to 4 gorgeous girls and have been married for 10 years to her loving and supportive husband.  She is currently a stay-at-home mother who serves as an administrative assistant at Rhema International Church in Shreveport, LA. She writes poetry, short stories and songs. Her beautiful smile can brighten up a dim room. Her positive spirit is contagious!



I admire Brittiany Pope for being a hardworking young woman. She is a lover of God, a caretaker for her grandparents, a community leader for the youth, a great counselor, and a true backbone. I admire her humbleness, intelligence and grace. Brittiany is also such a lady. I admire her feminism. I admire her strength and gentleness.


I admire Roberta Hayes for her strength to keep my family together after our mother passed. She allows people to stay with her and her husband until they get on their feet. She does outreach. She also volunteers with non-profit organizations and community events. She is a hairstylist and loves to make women feel beautiful. She is a great wife,mother,sister and grandmother. I watched her grow and how she helps others. She is a gorgeous soul and I really admire her!

Latasha Henderson-Robinson, BCB Style Contributor



Nyong’o has been in my personal top role models category ever since she won the Best Supporting Actress award for her outstanding role in 12 Years A Slave. The speech she delivered was beautiful and inspiring. Her powerful speech expressed the difficulties she faced being black and the personal lessons she learned. She taught me that I should be stronger and more confident. I learned that I should never give up on my dreams for any reason; despite the number of setbacks that may occur. Lupita Nyong’o is a beautiful woman inside and out and I pray that I fulfill my wildest dreams just as she did. Like she said, “You fail, and then what? Life goes on. It’s only when you risk failure that you discover things.”

Jaynelle Stewart, BCB Beauty Editor


Me, Mommy, Lola 1
Lola (my sister), mom, and me

Growing up, my mom was always very over protective. As a child, I wasn’t complaining since I was extremely shy and clingy. I remember days when I was in elementary school, I would come to her room, lay on her bed and we’d talk about our individual worlds.

Me, my mother, my sister

My sister had such a free spirit when we were young. She was fun loving and always up for an adventure. She grew into an honorable woman raising two amazing children. Now that I’m the mother of a strong, smart, and beautiful 2-year-old girl, I try my best to embody her gentle and loving spirit towards children.

To this day, my mom is still pretty overprotective, but she’s been courageous enough to allow me to spread my wings and find my own path. Still, she always lingers behind ready to catch me if every I fall.

Abi Ishola, BCB Editor-in-Chief


  1. I’m BEYOND humbled,honored & appreciative of the beautuful acknowledgment from not only my daughter, Alexa Rae, but also the other women featured in this amazing piece. This journey called WOMANHOOD is never ending & we are in it TOGETHER inspiring, encouraging, challenging and celebrating each other along the way. Thank you for the ♡♡♡ & Happy International Womens Day!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring stories. I feel blessed and honored to be one of the women featured in these uplifting tales. Nothing is more rewarding to a mother than knowing that your daughter grew up looking up to you as her role model. Thank you Marcelle Hutchins, I couldn’t be prouder. Great job BCB team and Happy International Women Day to all!!!

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