Real Beauty Moment [Paris]: I’m Becoming Bolder


You made my day!  I was full of doubts today, questioning my career path and not feeling so well.  I’m working on developing my brand of sneakers and being an entrepreneur is not easy.  When you are following your dream, sometimes the price to pay is leaving your friends behind. So for you to see me, to think that I’m different, you don’t know what it means to me.


To me my look is just a way of expressing who I am. I consider myself a very truthful person and it shows in my appearance. I’ve always had my own style but lately it has been going crescendo!  I am becoming bolder and bolder, I love to try new things. If it works that’s good; if not, it’s not even a big deal. I’ve had my hair cut short, died, my mom will be like, ‘What have you done to your hair?!’ and will tell her, ‘It’s just hair you know, it will grow back!’

When I was younger, I had issues with accepting the color of my skin but you know the more you grow the more you learn to accept yourself as you are and I’m in a better place now.

– Sabine, 27 years old, based in Paris, born from Haitian and Ivorian parents

Bridget Ugwe
Bridget Ugwe

Bridget Ugwe is a Journalist born and bred in Paris who is passionate about Nigeria and its diaspora in the world. She's also a Contributor for and the Founder - Editor in Chief of

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