Real Beauty Moment: Locked In Lessons


I was raised in a very traditional Southern Black Christian household.  So when I went natural it was like a huge thing. They were like, ‘you could be cute, why are you doing this to yourself.’ It was like a big thing. It was when I was 14 so it was a lot at that time. I went through many journeys. I shaved it all off, I had mohawks, now I’m doing free-form locs. I find that my hair now helps me to appreciate my growth in whatever form it may come. My hair has become a metaphor for keeping your lessons with you.


Valerie June is a big inspiration for me. She’s a black woman from Tennessee. She calls her music Moonshine Roots Music. It’s a sort really Country Soul, Sam Cooke Soul. She has these really luscious free form locs, so she inspired me on my loc journey.

In general, Harriet Tubman is a big person for me. Actually, I named my daughter Moses after her.

IMG_1456Career Goals

I’m a student at NYU. I’m studying cinema studies. My first and greatest love is music but I realized that I didn’t want to modify that. But a passion that I can pimp is my love for cinema. I can’t pimp my love for music. So I would like to be involved in filmmaking and also using it as a way to promote dialogue.


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