Designer Cassandra Brodie Reveals Why She Ditched Engineering to Start Her Fashion Line

Fashion designer Cassandra-Tucker Brodie in her own creation.

Cassandra-Tucker Brodie remembers being seven years old and helping her mother in their fabric shop.  It was under her mother’s supervision, she began to master sewing and design creation.

“I learned a lot from my mother. As a kid, I always wanted to help her. So she would give me assignments,” says Brodie, who admits that it was her mother’s fabric shop that helped foster her desire to start a business.

Camarbre was created with Brodie’s daughters in mind. The “Ca” is the first initials in her own name. The “mar” are the first initials in her oldest daughter Marcella’s name. “Bre” are the first three letters in her youngest daughter’s Breanna’s name.


Long Dress
$2,169.00 handmade wave print silk maxi dress.

Brodie’s clothing line is a combination of vibrant and vivid tie-dye colors, including coats, jumpsuits, dresses, and separate pieces. In addition to her clothing line, Brodie designs wedding gowns and other items.

At 43-years-old, Brodie has a resume that might make some envious. During Brodie’s adolescent years, she worked as a model for Revlon and appeared on fashion catalogues, as well as Grave Digger’s music video. It was after years of working in the business that Brodie began to pursue a degree in computer science. In 2000, she graduated from Framingham State College and ultimately landed a job as a software/QA/automation engineer.

“After I decided to leave my job of  16 years I turned to fashion. It’s always been a staple in my life, and I wanted to focus my time on something that makes me happy,” says Brodie.

Camarbre collection.

Brodie’s clothing collection  can be worn for many occasions, and focuses on fabric that adds unique characteristic to her designs. Since she started her business, she has been inspired by designers such as Valentino, Tom Ford, and Da Vinci.

“A lot of different things inspire me. Like the Black Lives Matter movement and Nina Simone. For example, my lace dress was inspired by Simone’s song, “Strange Fruit.” Something about that song pulls you in. It’s so deep.”


$268.00 handmade lace dress by Cassandra-Tucker Brodie.



The mother of three and wife is determined to make her brand a success.  “I’m trying to play it smart,” she says. “I don’t want to just jump out there. I want to make sure my market is there before I expand. But I do plan on expanding my business.”

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  1. Soooooo proud of you Shun! I remember us tagging up at prom together, your handmade dress was gorgeous! I am not surprised at your accomplishments. I’m a living witness that God will give you the desires of your heart! I pray that God bestow upon you all the blessings that your heart can hold. Love, Jessica

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