‘Body Noire’ Outtakes: See The Beautiful Photos That Didn’t Make The Cut


Last week we launched “Body Noire,” our latest photo series that celebrates black female bodies. 

To our delight, the series was well received by the public and the media.  We are certain that the positive response came mostly because of our amazing cast of women.  And since they were so amazing, it was really hard to choose the ‘best’ images.  Check out some of the outtakes from the series!

Body Noire



Beyond Classically Beautiful.

Body Noire

Body Noire

Body Noire

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  1. Very beautiful pictures! Happy to see this <3 ! But for a series that pretends to celebrate black female bodies, I don't find it representative enough. I'm a tall and skinny black girl being reminded every day that I'm not "thick enough"…that I must be among those women too much caring about their diets whereas I absolutely don't! Some Black women can be naturally very (very) skinny… Seeing only "thick" Black women reinforce that feeling of not being the target for this kind of entreprise. Next series might probably try to include more shapes before owning the "Body Noire" title ^^! Lot of love though!

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