Meet The Woman Who Transforms Herself Into 2D Comic Book Art

Puck’n Khaos

Gina Rodgers has elevated body painting to a whole new plateau.

The Chesapeake, Virginia based artist recently became a phenomenon online after she shared photos of her amazing work. Gigi, as she likes to be called, has repeatedly transformed herself into what looks like a real life comic book drawing. The jaw dropping results are so real, it leaves many wondering if any of it is digital art (We’ll get to that point later).

We spoke to Gigi about how she’s changing the body painting game through her Puck’n Khaos brand.


Puck’n Khaos

Who is Gigi?

I am a Contract Social Media Strategist/Manager by day and the Founder & Artistic Director for Puck’n Khaos by afternoon. I studied at Old Dominion University and received my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Technology (I know. Shocker, right?). I’ve been featured in publications such as Hypebeast, My Modern Met, AIGA, Mashable, and Elite Daily. When I’m not doodling on my body, I’m writing articles about other make up artists and bodypainters in the industry, brand development, and helping people connect and build relationships with strangers.

Puck’n Khaos
Gigi before the 2D makeup (left). After (right)


Tell us about your work as a makeup artist.  How do you describe your style and when did you first discover this would be your signature approach to makeup?

Funny enough, I apply body painting makeup better than I do my normal makeup. The struggle for creating even eyebrows and making the perfect cat eye flick is real! {laughs}
I describe my style as Comic Book Makeup Art, whether it’s flashy with a lot of body paint or simple with just the black outlines. I discovered that this would be my signature approach the very first time that I did it.
I was reading about a body painter named Alexis Meade and looking at a classic photo of Grace Jones, one of my two spirit animals, and thought, “I wonder what would happen if I tried to paint myself to look like Grace Jones”? Mind you, this is how all my projects start out, “I wonder what would happen if…”

I did a lot of research, asked a lot of questions, reached out to a friend – Nora Waggoner –  and pitched her the idea. She painted me and I painted my clothes. We went outside and took pictures with our camera phones standing and sitting in front of graffiti.  We had no clue how it was going to turn out, but I definitely do not look like Grace – HA!  It turned out BEYOND our expectations!  So from that moment on, I’ve been rolling solo on painting myself and playing with different styles. Since I don’t see an overabundance of black, female comic book heroes or cartoon characters, I decided to become versions myself.

Gigi as Grace Jones

Your work is so vivid!  Are any parts of the photos you post graphic designs?

I get asked this a lot. People are always surprised when I say the photo shoot consisted of me sitting in front of my bedroom window with my iPhone on my tripod.  Thanks sun!  As far as the backgrounds I use, I make them or it’s graffiti on the street, and I’m standing in front of it.  Hope that didn’t kill the magic. Ha!

No graphic designs or Photoshop are used. I color correct some pictures using a phone app.  Cymera is my favorite, but usually two tick marks in either direction makes that editing quick and easy.


A Walk In The World

What has the feedback been like from the general public and other professionals?

The general public went crazy when I came out with my first series, I called “A Walk in the World.”  The photographer and I, Paul Chin, Jr., did a guerilla style photo shoot across Norfolk, Virginia and their graffiti scene. We saw graffiti. I interacted with it. Clickity-Click!  And these images came about. It was spectacular!  Me painting my body and clothes took longer than the actual photoshoot! HA!  I posted it on Bored Panda and it went viral from there, being featured on Hypebeast, AIGA, My Modern Met, APlus Magazine, and more.

As far as other body painters, we interact with each other on Instagram with a ‘like’ and ‘comment’ from time to time. But as far as I can tell, I am the body painting scene in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.  If I’m not, and you’re reading this – come out and play!

Puck’n KhaosWhat do you hope to accomplish with this pop art style of makeup? 

When I first started doing this, I was bored and curious. Plain and simple. (Look ma, my body’s the canvas!) But now that I see what I can do with it, and how many different styles, variations, and techniques I haven’t even tried yet, I just want to explore the landscape. So, all and all, I hope to accomplish refinement of my skills.


Where do you see yourself taking it?  What’s your ultimate goal?

Now that I’m learning more about the body painting industry and painting techniques, I can not wait to refine my skills and take body painting and MUA classes from seasoned professionals! I will definitely be getting into air brushing as well. My ultimate goal for 2016 is to create comic book style images that look good from all angles like body painter Kay Pike and to be a brand ambassador for Adidas or Converse.  I have ideas. Call me!



Abi Ishola
Abi Ishola


Abi Ishola is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beyond Classically Beautiful, the acclaimed photo series turned multimedia platform. On any given day, you can find her tucked away in a perfectly lit Brooklyn coffee shop working for several hours. Then she dashes off to pick up her daughter from daycare. Abi is also a TV Producer, a proud FIT Alum, Nigerian-American, and a soul searcher.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous before and after the 2d makeup, hope she keeps it up it’s striking and I would definitely buy a piece if it was a painting.

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