Real Beauty Moment: Say My Name

Real Beauty Moment


I feel like as a black woman in America I kind of have to find that happy medium between juggling that juxtaposition of accepting my name for what it is and trying to cater to an audience that doesn’t want to accept it. Like, ‘Oh, is your name Antanique? Is there something I can call you for short, that’s just too long.’ I’d rather you just say the whole thing. If not I’ll give you a nickname to call me but don’t just make up stupid little things to call me because you’re too lazy to say it. I can say Ashley. You can’t say Antanique?

Beauty Industry Pet Peeve

I feel like in the beauty industry too, there’s so much cattiness between black girls sometimes. I feel like it can be so shady. We need to be coming together because everybody wants to be us but everybody doesn’t want us to prosper.


The whole black woman empowerment movement empowers me. Seeing strong women in my family, I come from a very macho linear family, so on both sides, all women.  They all inspire me to just continue to do well. My mom and her story, she inspires me to want to do well for all my siblings. That make me want to keep going even when I want to give up. And even for all the little kids out there that, they don’t want to just be products of their environment, they want to see things that are different. They want to see edgy alternative girls that look just like them so they feel like they can do it too. I know when I grew up I didn’t really have any idols like that. That kind of hindered my growth so I just want to give back in that sense and empower little girls to be the cool little bad asses they can be.

Antanique AKA Dal

Dancer/Makeup Artist

born in the Bronx, raised in Charleston, SC





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