Real Beauty Moment: I Don’t Believe In Dreams


Identity wise, I’ve always been pro Africa. I’ve always been pro black. I’ve been always taught to be confident in yourself. It’s not so much of an appearance thing, it’s just being comfortable in your skin. Anything black, Puerto Rican, Indian, anything from a different culture, I’m pro that. That’s identity to me. That’s beauty to me.

I used to have an Indian babysitter. I have Puerto Ricans in my family, Indians, people from the islands. All my sisters are Liberian but their mother West Indian, we have Cape Verdeans, so it’s just something that I grew up with honestly. So anything foreign to me, that’s culture. I love Asian culture. We’re all, in a way, the same, but different.

IMG_1699No Dreams, Just Goals

I do not really believe in dreams, but I have a career goal to be a fashion buyer so that’s why I’m here [in New York]. I actually live in Jersey. It’s really just a goal, not a dream. Anywhere, they will sell you a dream, they will sell you a fairytale. So for me it’s not even a dream it’s a goal. I know I can make it happen. It’s not far fetched. It’s not like flying in the sky with no airplane. That’s a dream, but anything else, is a goal.

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