Real Beauty Moment: I’m Living The Dream

Real Beauty Moment: I'm Living The Dream

Hair wise it’s always been kind of interesting. I first started getting my hair relaxed when I was in third grade and I went natural in middle school and I was natural all throughout middle school and high school. Then I went back to relaxer senior year. I started growing this out in 2013. I was too afraid to do the big chop because I’ve always had long hair even when it was relaxed so it was like a 2-year process of slowly growing it out and trying to give it texture in the straight part and keeping it up. Usually I do twist outs and people don’t act as strongly as they do to this, which is a wash and go. I get great reactions so I wonder why I didn’t do this before.

I’m doing what I love

I went to college for history and literature and I knew that I wanted to be in fashion so I worked in fashion after college. I worked at Eileen Fisher most recently. I used to work at Now I’m in business school at NYU Stern. I’m getting an MBA, I’m concentrating in luxury marketing and I’ll be at Nordstrom over the summer which is the place I’ve always dreamed of working at so I am doing what I love and I’m super excited. I’m living the dream.

Candace Munroe

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