Real Beauty Moment: They Love Us In Haiti

Real Beauty Moment: They Love Us In Haiti

My parents are Haitian. I’ve had to struggle with being a Haitian American child because we got teased a lot because you know the whole, ‘Haitian booty scratcher’ thing. Growing up and actually growing up in Haiti actually made me embrace it and I’ve never had a problem since. I was here first then I moved to Haiti, then I came back to New York. The teasing was in New York. But when I went to Haiti, I was like, ‘what, they love us.’  The darker you are the better. After that, I never really had an issue with being dark skinned with coarse hair.

I’m doing what I love

I’m a manicurist and I absolutely love it. I work at Paintbox. It’s this really cool modern nail salon down on Crosby. I’ve been doing nails for about 2 years. It takes me back to my younger days. I used to manicure my grandmother’s hands and then my aunt taught me how to polish. So I was in the nursing field and once I got back to manicuring my patients hands, it all came back again. I’m more relaxed, I’m in my comfort zone, I can be creative. I really love it. I really enjoy it. I like making people happy.

Saradya Jolivvert


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