Real Beauty Moment: Too ‘Dark,’ Too ‘Colorful’

Real Beauty Moment: Too 'Dark,' Too 'Colorful'

I always got teased about being too dark and being too colorful. As you can see, my coat is stupid colorful. That was always something that didn’t mix. So when I hit 17, I was just like, you know what, I’m just going to be me and be colorful. [People] used to be like, ‘You look like you got off the boat.’  I was really insecure about it for a lot of years. But then I was just like, you know what, screw it.

I’m from the Bronx and my family is American. They’re all from down south. They were always like, ‘Akilah no, you’re okay, don’t worry about it.’ But you know, kids are vicious.

Real Beauty Moment: Too 'Dark,' Too 'Colorful'

Living my dreams

I definitely think I’m living my dreams and pursuing my goals. I am a dancer, so right now I am a dance teacher and I teach at Brooklyn Music School and I teach at this Catholic school called St. Marks on 135 in Harlem. So I’m definitely auditioning here and there. This summer I will be making my own little films and projects.

Akilah Vasser

  1. You have a beautiful story and soul. Soar with the eagles! I shared your story and asked for it to go viral

  2. Beautiful= loving and accepting yourself.
    Power= believing in youself and persuing your dreams
    Success =never giving up!

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