Real Beauty Moment: Working In A Man’s World

Real Beauty Moment: Working In A Man's World

Actually I’m trying to become a music engineer and a producer. I go to the Institute of Audio Research.

I’m trying to have my own confidence in self and my own style. It’s really hard. It’s mostly guys. It’s like 10% females. I’m really trying hard right now. First of all I’m black and I am female in an industry that’s dominated by males. So I have to have my own confidence and be strong and make sure I have my own self worth so that I can prove to them that I am capable of doing what they’re doing.

I want to have my own studio here in Brooklyn and also probably South Korea, international. It’s hard right now but I’m trying.

Real Beauty Moment: Working In A Man's WorldInspiration

I’m inspired by those who I see on the street who I’m amazed by their beauty, style and confidence. I also like Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson, Solange, Lauryn Hill.

Sarah Ocul, 20

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