5 Youtubers Who Will Help You Perfect Your Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner

If you’re a makeup lover, chances are you’ve been through the dreadful process of trying to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner.

From trying to get your eyeliner on both eyes to look at least 98 percent identical to attempting to not get jet black liquid liner all over your hands and face, creating a proper cat-eye can make you question your ability to apply makeup at times. Getting the technique down can either make or break your entire look, but gaining the skills to acquire your best cat-eye, takes patience and practice.

Here are five Youtubers who offer the perfect tutorials to help you master this eye lining art!


Vicky educates novices on executing the simple winged liner in this tutorial included in her “makeup for beginners” segment. With in-depth information, Vicky explains her favorite choices of eyeliners and offers great tips to improve your look.



This cool new technique suggested by Rose will definitely give you a better, longer-lasting eyeliner impression. Catch up with the new-new in less than three minutes!



For those looking to create a flawless, popping look, Raye has got you covered. Summer is right around the corner so its time to bring out the bright colors. In this “Electric Pink Cat-Eye” tutorial, you will get schooled on applying unconventional colored eyeliner.



Are you drawn to the drama? Here is the right tutorial for you! If you’re a big fan of Nicki Minaj eye looks, Youtuber Sonjdra just answered your prayers with a very informative and easy to follow dramatic winged liner tutorial so you can get your Minaj on.


Alissa Ashley

Let’s get feirce! In this tutorial of glory, Alissa shares her step-by-step method to perfecting the Double Winged Liner.  This visual assistance is highly recommended for those seeking to try out a new edgy makeup look.



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Jaynelle Stewart

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