Real Beauty Moment: I Won’t Question My Love For Myself

Real Beauty Moment: I Won't Question My Love For Myself

I’m had to realize that my size isn’t the same as everyone else’s and every other person who is on these billboards.  That took years for me to get, and I’m only 18.

Real Beauty Moment: I Won't Question My Love For MyselfI grew up in the Bronx.  I went to school upstate so it was all white.  I can count the number of black people on my hand.  There were 5 my first year.  Then I went to school around [Manhattan] and it was mostly white teens from Park Slope.  Then I went to college and it was the same thing.  All my friends were small Asian girls, small white girls, size 0, size 2/3 and that’s not me.  That was so much stress.  I don’t know how I came to love myself, but I do now and I don’t want to question it.

I’m in college now.  I’m planning to go to Med School.  I want to be a psychiatrist because of the same issues [I faced growing up].  I hate when people feel bad about themselves or just feel bad.  I want to be able to make them feel better.

– Angie Fenton, 18


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