Ask Jael: How Do I Love Me Again?

Jael The Great

Certified life coach, motivational speaker, and actress Jael The Great is all about offering uplifting words of advice to other women. 

So we’re excited to announce our new collaboration with her for a series titled, “Ask Jael.”  Through this column, she will drop a few gems of advice on our beautiful readers who send us their questions.

First up, is a lesson in self-love.


Dear Jael,

I am a 27-year-old single mother and my question is one I am sure many women have.   How do I begin to love myself more?  My life has not turned out how I planned.  However, I know that it is important for me as not only a black woman, but as a mother to deal with life in a positive way, but I just need a little help.  Any advice you can give would be more than appreciated. 


Leaning to love me again


Dear Learning to love me again,

Thank you for reaching out. Like you stated,  there are many women who are looking to love themselves again after life has happened.  My advice would be to start  focusing on all the great and wonderful  things about you. It’s easy to focus on the negative but when we shift our focus to what we like about ourselves we automatically begin to feel better. Look in the mirror and begin to tell yourself how thankful you are for food,  shelter, health, a beautiful child and what ever else you think of that are expressions of self love.

Another way to begin loving yourself again is by making sure you are eating proper foods, working out and taking care of yourself. Sometimes when things happen in life that are unexpected people begin to neglect their health, forgetting that their health is their wealth.

My other suggestion would be to make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people. Your circle of friends should be those who are encouraging and supportive. Being around people who have your best interest at heart will help you during those times when you are feeling a little down. Remember, you and your child are extremely valuable and precious.  You are both here for a great reason and purpose. Allow that to get you through each day as you are getting back to you.


Jael the Great


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