#BlackGirlMagic: 3 Ways Star Gymnast Simone Biles Has Proven Her Greatness Before Winning Olympic Gold

Simone Biles
Photo by Christy Ann Linder, gymnastics photography

Simone Biles has become the most celebrated and decorated gymnast in recent history. As she continues to wow people around the world with her athletic abilities, we continue to look on with pride.  Her are three ways she’s proven her greatness before ever winning a gold medal.


Her Accolades

She is the first woman of color to win an all around world title.  At just 19 she has more gold medals than any gymnast in history. This includes her 10 golds from various world championships. Her next mission: win Olympic gold in the upcoming summer games in Brazil.


Her Obstacles

– The Houston native faced challenges early during her childhood. Her mother’s drug addiction rendered her unfit to care for her and her siblings, so her grandparents stepped in and adopted them.

– Like most outstanding black women, she’s had to deal with racism in her profession. In 2013 she won a historic all around title win at the world championships. Thereafter Italian gymnast Carlotta Ferlito gave this hateful, racist, and sore loser statement to the media:

“Next time we should also paint our skin black so that we can win too.”

After the public expressed outrage, Ferlito apologized. Simone Biles being the class act that she is chose to ignore the statement all together. Silence is a deadly weapon.


Her Magic

– Simone is unmatched on the floor exercise when it comes to power, height, and execution. Her ability to soar surpasses most gymnasts.

– She is also known for her bubbly personality. During her 32 hour a week sessions in the gym she’s been able to create unique floor flips that have now become her trademark—literally. A flip people now call “The Biles” was named after one of her show stopping moves during her floor exercise.


Talk about magic!

Abi Ishola
Abi Ishola


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