#BlackGirlMagic: Watch President Obama Meet The 8-Year-Old Girl Who Brought Him To Flint + POTUS Grants Clemency To Another 58 Inmates

Amariyanna Copeny & President Obama

Yesterday during President Obama’s trip to Flint, Michigan, he met the darling 8-year-old girl who brought him there. 

Amariyanna Copeny, also know at Little Miss Flint after winning a beauty pageant there, wrote to Obama asking him to visit to lift the spirits of the area’s residents after dealing with the water crisis there.  President Obama granted her request and made time to thank her in person for her letter.

Check out their adorable meeting posted by the White House yesterday.

So beautiful!

Obama is also making headlines after granting clemency to another 58 inmates.

“By the end of March, Obama had already granted clemency during his administration to more prisoners than the last six presidents combined,” according to attn.com.”

Watch the toughing video below!

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