Real Beauty Moment: I Don’t Have Hair Like Hers

Real Beauty Moment
India Haynes (left), Andia Brewster (right)

Andia: Being dark skinned, a lot of people would be like, “You’re really dark.”  Right now I’m very conceited because now that I’m in high school and I’m about to graduate, a lot of people are like, “Oh my gosh, you’re really pretty. You’re really beautiful.’  So now it gets stuck in my head. I have a really big head—I’m conceited. A lot of people also like my hair.

India: I had to overcome issues with my hair because I don’t have hair like Andia’s, so I had to build my confidence with my own hair. My boyfriend kind of helped with that. So It’s like I had to accept myself for who I am. At one point I didn’t even want to come outside without weave. I do now. When I take my hair out I do bantu knots and twist outs and I’ve been fine.


We Are Graduating This Year

Andia: I’m going to Iona college. I want to study chemistry. I want to be a cosmetic chemist so I want to make makeup and maybe have my own company one day.

India: I’m going to Dominican college I’m majoring in Biology. I want to be an anesthesiologist. I know it’s a lot of work. I’m ready for it. I’ve had my mind set on this for a long time.

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