Real Beauty Moment: Growing Up In A White Neighborhood

Chinyere Obi

I grew up in a primarily white neighborhood so there isn’t a lot of me around, there isn’t a lot of braids around, there isn’t a lot of twists around, so it’s hard to explore with yourself and what you’re most comfortable with when nobody else around you understands you. So I think that kind of pushed me to come to New York and go to NYU because when I came here I learned a lot from my friends. I have more black friends, that’s one thing, and also bouncing off our own experiences and what it means to grow up being black and actually being able to connect with people. That even translates into beauty. I don’t hate people who wear weaves, I think it’s gorgeous, I used to wear them all the time, but now I see myself more aligned with wearing braids or wearing an afro, or crochet braids. I feel more comfortable now expressing what I think beauty is.

Chinyere Obi

My Plans

I’m a history major and I’m going to go to law school but I’m taking a gap year at the time, and I think it’s just up, up, up from here. There’s no stopping me.

What I Would Change

Life has been hard but I’ve taken it all as life lessons. If I could change anything I would say change the men that approach me.


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