On The Rise: Houston Bred Songstress Coline Creuzot

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Take note of the name Coline Creuzot–she’s a songstress on the rise.  After penning records for Kelly Rowland and collaborating with Happy Pres (Miguel, Master P) to create her own music, she’s ready to put her stamp on the R&B world.

We caught up with the Houston bred, LA based song bird to discuss her sound, her family’s legacy as famous restaurateurs in her hometown, and how she successfully hustled her way into the Houston music scene like a rapper.

How did you discover that music was your passion?

I fell in love with dancing and singing at a young age and I’ve always been drawn to my passions. I can remember keeping songwriting notebooks from when I was in elementary school.

Did you get your start as a songwriter in the industry?

I got my start in Houston with my first single “Give & Take.” My former manager, who is a part of Paul Wall’s management team, and I took a rappers approach to getting my music out there. We passed out countless mixtapes and CDs. We would stop by several clubs in one night to get my song played and performed around the city, and it worked! Later, “Give & Take” landed on Houston radio for six weeks, and that opened several doors for me. I’ve opened for Drake, Keyshia Cole, T- Pain and T.I, to name a few. A few years later, I signed a publishing deal with EMI, now SONY ATV, and began learning to write in different genres of music, which really helped me grow as an artist and songwriter.

You’re embarking on a solo career as an R&B artist. How would you describe your particular sound? Who are your musical influences?

My sound is best described as a mixture of R&B, Soul and Pop. I like to take certain elements of these genres and blend them together to create my sound. My upcoming EP “Timeless” has a lot of elements from 90’s and early 2000’s R&B. My musical influences range from Donny Hathaway and Sam Cooke, to Aaliyah and Brandy. I’m a Texas girl at heart, so I’m also a huge fan of country music. The story telling in country music is amazing, and I try to incorporate those storytelling elements into my music as well.


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You’ve worked with Happy Perez who has produced for Miguel and Master P. What was that collaboration like?

Happy Perez is one of my favorite producers and he’s also a native Houstonian. We met early in my career and he was responsible for my first hit single “Give and Take.” He has been my go-to producer since then and his tracks have a very unique sound that I love.

As a recording artist, are you signed or are you going the indie route?

As a songwriter, I am signed with SONY ATV, but as a recording artist I’m taking the indie route. As a signed writer, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented writers and producers, and write for a wider range of genres. As an indie artist, I get focus on the exact sound I want and have full creative freedom of the music I put out myself. It’s been an incredible journey.


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As a new artist embarking on a career in R&B, how do you feel about the current state of the genre? Many say it’s dying off and it’s no secret that album sales are slightly lower than they were in the past.

I think R&B music is making a comeback! There are so many great R&B albums out right now! I think the industry is making a shift to a more digital world. Streaming and social media have become a huge part of the equation.


In addition to your music career you’re also the granddaughter of the owner of Frenchy’s Chicken, a famous food chain in Texas. How has your family legacy inspired you in general and in your career?

My grandfather started Frenchy’s in 1969 and created some big shoes for us all to fill. My father took over when my grandfather retired and my grandmother still works at the original store every day. It is still very much a family business. It’s been a blessing to see the hard work and success. It has instilled a lot of great qualities in me like persistence, patience and hard work.

In terms of beauty and fashion, describe your style.

My style depends on how I am feeling. I can be a tomboy at times, but I also love to dress up. Sometimes, I’m rocking sweats and tee with Jordans and other days I may have on a dress and 6-inch heels going to lunch. I will admit to having a bit of a shoe obsession. The right shoe makes an outfit complete!

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