Photographer Tackles How Women Are Silenced In a Stunning New Photo Series

I Am Woman

In today’s society women are expected to be many things: delicate, silent, wife material, and modest–often times against our own will.  Tampa, Florida based photographer Christy Marie explored this issue in a captivating photo series titled, “I Am Woman.”

The photos feature several women of color with their mouth taped shut as they are bombarded with items that convey these social messages.

We spoke to Christy Marie via email about her work and what inspired her to create “I Am Woman.”

How long have you been taking photos

I have been doing photography for a little over five years. I started out doing landscape photography and  as I evolved so did my interests and style.

I Am Woman

What inspired you to do the “I AM Woman” series?

The reason that I created the series is because like many women I feel instructed on how I should be living at my age as a woman. I should be married, I should have a degree and kids. No one really cared what I wanted to do with my life.  I wanted to spark an important conversation about how American culture always has something to say about what women do with their bodies and their minds.

How do you explain the meaning behind it?

I wanted to show anxiety, pain and fear of what it’s like when all these people are tugging away at your sanity,  telling you what you should and shouldn’t be in life and what it means to be successful as a woman.

What did it take to put it together?

I did an online casting call talking about the idea that I had for the series and that I was looking for women to tell me their story and what they feel like it means to be a woman in modern Western culture. I attracted some of the most diverse women I’ve ever met and I was so grateful to have them as my muse.


I Am Woman

I Am Woman

I Am Woman


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