Real Beauty Moment: Model Life

Real Beauty Moment: Model Life

I’ve been modeling since I was 16, so it’s been about 5 years now.  As a black model, now it’s kind of getting better since they all of a sudden want to appreciate natural hair and everything, so every time I go see a new client they’re all like, ‘oh my God, wear your hair big and curly.’  I’m just like, you should have been appreciating this years ago before I used to straighten my hair all the time for you guys.  But it’s good.  I can see a little bit of change.  It’s slow but it’s happening.

Real Beauty Moment: Model Life

Accepting Me

Having to fully embrace myself for who I am and loving my big curly hair, is something I’ve had to work on.  I feel like it’s a staple of who I am.  I feel like I’m going against the norm and against the social expectations.  You want to be the one with the great body and the straight hair, so for me to embrace my hair and stop straightening it was a big step for me to loving myself and understanding who I am and not trying to conform, and all that jazz.

New York is Home

I’m from Orlando, Florida.  I’ve been in New York since January.  I love the city.  It’s the best place ever.  I’ve lived in Miami as well.  I lived in L.A. then here.  It’s good to see the different variations of places so I can get a feel, but New York is definitely home.  I like that even when I have days off I find motivation to get out and do something.  I just feel like always creating and going out and exploring and people watching.

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