A 30 Day Guide to Becoming a Better You {Week 3} — The Art Of Tranformation



WEEK 3: The Art Of Tranformation

Mantra:  Yes, i am love

                Yes, i am peace

                 Yes , i am enough” – angelreign 


As we begin week 3, it is my hope that you feel like a flower coming into full bloom.  In the past two weeks we agreed to: let go of what was, begin each day with openness, as well as meditate and journal daily.  If you have done this, your heart should feel open and your body light.

The hardest part of transformation is the internal resistance and constant awareness of your thoughts.  In my own journey, once the revelation that my words, thoughts, feelings and actions are coherent when they are aligned, everything came together beautifully.  I was able to tap into the deepest part of me that knew my possibilities were infinite.  Our thoughts are more powerful than we assume, they guide the steps of our life.  Another revelation was raising your awareness to mirror your thoughts and simultaneously connect to the power of intentions.  Dr. Wayne Dryer reveals in his book The Power of Intention:  “What you fail to see inside is a result of how you choose to process everything and everyone in your world”.

There is more good news, the mind not only heals our brain it is a proven fact the mind can also heal the body. It’s a known fact that we are capable of thinking ourselves sick! Science calls it the “placebo effect”, where patients undergo clinical studies and are told they will be given certain medications to heal an alignment on a trial basis.  Instead of being given medication they are given sugar pills, saline injections, or fake surgeries- but because it’s already in their mind to get medicated, their bodies get better all on its own. I am convinced that a combination of positive beliefs/thoughts along with nurturing care from the right source can activate self- healing in our bodies.

We are the gatekeepers and transformers to align our mind, body and spirit.  Your temple is sacred; keep it healthy, whole and blossoming.

Riches, mediocrity and poverty begin in the mind.” – Remez Sasson


Side note: In this week I’d also like to introduce you to the healing powers of gemstones.  One that I’ve chosen to keep by my side is Malachite.  This gem is the stone for transformation as its energy goes straight to the heart and is a pillar in dealing with unresolved issues + stagnant energies.  Visit www.place8healing.com to learn more on minerals and crystals that heal, transform and balance your life.

Angel Reign
Angel Reign

Angel Reign is a poet and modern day writer who resides in Florida. In March 2016, she released her first collection of poetry and prose entitled “Bloom”. She engages readers with her simplistic style of writing, taking all on a journey of the pain, the healing and the blooming. When she is not writing, Angel is also a Healthcare Professional, wife, mother and Nani to her first grandchild. You can follow her on Instagram at angelreign_ or visit her blog at www.angelreigninfo.com.

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