A 30 DAY GUIDE TO BECOMING A BETTER YOU {WEEK 4}- Putting Your Thoughts Into Action

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Mantra:  Loving yourself must be your choice, no matter what”


As the sun sets we are given the opportunity to let go of missed moments, judgements, incorrect thoughts and actions- at sunrise we are given another opportunity of becoming better than the day before.  In the last three weeks, we’ve peeled away layers of baggage and shed the weight.  Our physical and emotional cleansing has decluttered all that was undeserving of our time and energy.

A blissful relationship with self requires daily work and spirituality.  Consciousness is like a river, it must be fluid in movement and never ending.  To continue to remain centered, open and grow we must always be mindfully in the present moment.   Whenever your feel yourself going backwards pause, reflect, meditate then hit the reset button. I would also suggest that you continue to journal, meditate, pray, and surround yourself with those that lift you up. Also, use the prior weeks as a method of reflection to keep you aligned and balanced.  Putting your thoughts into action will awaken your connection of what really matters. It will also allow you to look outward with a fresh renewed perspective.

In my own journey, I’m “simpler”.  What I mean by that is big things aren’t as impressive to me.  I am attentive and tuned into the subtle quiet moments of ordinary daily living.  I’m living authentically, under my terms, and my truth.

Together, we have created a blissful intimate relationship with self!  We have become whole and free.


Angel Reign






Angel Reign
Angel Reign

Angel Reign is a poet and modern day writer who resides in Florida. In March 2016, she released her first collection of poetry and prose entitled “Bloom”. She engages readers with her simplistic style of writing, taking all on a journey of the pain, the healing and the blooming. When she is not writing, Angel is also a Healthcare Professional, wife, mother and Nani to her first grandchild. You can follow her on Instagram at angelreign_ or visit her blog at www.angelreigninfo.com.

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