Real Beauty Moment: Racism In School Didn’t Work On Me

Real Beauty Moment

I’ve actually always been comfortable in my skin. My parents would always give me books like, The Skin I’m In, The Color Purple, a whole bunch of books like that so I was always comfortable in my skin.

I went to an all white school they tried to belittle me but it didn’t work. They would make fun of me like, ‘why is your hair curly’ and ‘it’s crazy how your last name is Welch and they make grape juice and you’re black.’  Just racist comments like that.  [The racism] didn’t work. I’m still comfortable.


Real Beauty Moment

I’m just happy that I graduate high school and I’m going into college. I want to be a neuroscientist, neurosurgeon, an engineer maybe.

Zenata Welcy, IG: @zenmeetsworld

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