Real Beauty Moment: Better After Him

Real Beauty Moment: Better After Him

Defining moment

After I broke up with my first boyfriend, I think I realized who I was after that. I was able to grow as a person since now I’m by myself. I think that was one of my most defining moments. We were together about 3 years.



It wasn’t a bad break up. But looking back on it, I realized who I am and what I need from my partner. I’m 23 now and I was 21 when we broke up. I feel like to stay true to yourself is what you really need to do. No matter what, don’t ever try to change yourself for anybody. If you know who you are you won’t allow other people to change the way you feel about yourself. You have to take the positives and go with it, and all the negatives just leave it at the door.

Melanie, 23, IG: heyy.melanie

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