Watch An Exert Of Oprah’s Moving Keynote Address At The Essence Festival

oprahOprah took the stage at the Essence Festival in New Orleans this past weekend and did what she does best–inspired everyone in earshot.  Iyanla Vanzant was originally supposed to take the stage, but after falling ill she sent Lady O instead.  Watch an exert of her inspiring speech below, and read highlights gathered by Danielle Young for

On Standing In Her Own Truth:
“I am who I am…one Black woman in God’s hand, trusting God’s word and it has never failed me.”

On the Creator’s Dream For You:
“I am living the dream. And I want you to live the dream. I’m not living the dream because I’m special, but I was obedient to the call of the dream. I’m living in the space of the dream and the dream is good. There is a bigger dream for you. What is God’s dream for you. What does the creator’s dream hold for you?”

On The Things You Get:
“This is what I know for sure, you don’t get what you wish for, you don’t even get what you hope for. You get what you believe.”

On Surrendering:
“The magic is to surrender to God’s dream for you. Quit fighting and pushing against and disallowing against and stop trying to tell the Creator what you’re supposed to do. Get still and know that His dream is for you.”

On The Importance Of Your Energy:
“The energy of what you do, what you say and the energy of who you are goes out into the world, your home and into your relationships and that energy is always coming back to you. You’re responsible for the energy you put out into the world.”

On Intentions:
“Before you think about the thing, you have an intention about the thing. The intention in which you give determines the outcome. My intention to live to the highest calling and be pressed to the mark of the highest calling.”

On How She Does Anything:
“I don’t do anything without thinking about, what is the real reason, the real motivation—what is the energy that will go into my thoughts and action and be returned to me? It is law.”

On The Power Of You:
“Consider not doing anything that you don’t truly intend. Do not allow yourself to be marginalized and defined by other people’s agenda and intentions. The power of your story lies in your personal intention.”

On Your Space On Earth:
“I used to spend a lot of energy wanting things—things are nice, I like them. When you can surrender to the dream, you get to live in the space of the higher power. You can live in the space on earth that you can claim for yourself.”

On Being A Woman:
“Women people will run ourselves empty. You want to have your cup overflowing so you have enough to give to everybody else. You can’t keep giving from an empty cup.”

On Wanting Someone Else’s Life:
“Surrender all because there’s a bigger dream waiting for you to step into it. Your life is big, your life is huge. We spend too much time wanting to be in someone else’s life. You don’t get celebrated wanting what someone else has. You get no credit messing in somebody else’s territory or trying to have power over something you have no control. You have no power in anybody’s territory but your own. What are you resisting? What are you not allowing because you have this idea of who or what you’re supposed to be?”

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