Freelance Photographer Launches Photo Series To Tell Black Men ,’We Love You’

Bryon Summers

Freelance Photographer, Bryon Summers is on a mission to show black men love in the form of photography. 

The Prince George’s County, Maryland native launched a photo series titled “We Love You” in an effort to dispel the negative stereotypes surrounding black men.  His goal is to capture 1,000 black men and boys around the country then flood the internet with their images.  So far the results are beautiful.

“I wanted to find a different and creative way to approach this problem of misrepresentation of Black men in mainstream media,” Summers told The Huffington Post via email. “Photography is my medium of choice and with social media at our fingertips today, we can all choose what is news worthy or what matters to us instantly… I figured if I can photograph 1,000 Black men and we all post them online in solidarity, it can borrow elements of marching to take back our image.”

After the killings of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling, he decided to turn his frustration into action.

“This is as much an art project as it is a form of protest,” he told HuffPost. “It’s creative, nonviolent, and has potential to last for generations if not forever. It’s aiming to change the current narrative. It’s uplifting. It’s empowering and beautiful.”

Yet another beautiful project born from injustice.

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