Hair Growth Tips for Longer & More Manageable Natural Hair

How do I get my hair to grow? Faster? Longer?

The natural hair wave is only getting more popular. Women are choosing to let go the creamy crack and pick up an afro pick. But some are having issues getting their hair to grow and their follicles to be as enthusiastic about their new healthy hair preference.

Now, the natural hair journey can be very  frustrating for some. But, do not assume you’re hair is not growing! You just can’t tell because you’re looking at it like… EVERYDAY. The normal hair growth rate is a half inch per month. It could be less or more depending on genetics and your overall health. Sounds disappointing, I know, but patience is a virtue. In most cases, your hair is breaking at the same rate it is growing, hence the appearance of a stunted hair growth.

The three main reasons you’re hair may not be growing would be:

  1. Hair Damage/Breakage
  2. Not Drinking Enough Water
  3. Poor Diet

Popular natural hair enthusiast and Youtuber, Maryam Hampton, shares her great tips on how to enhance your hair growth and improve the manageability of your tresses. Watch the video above, listen up, and take action. You’re follicles will scream “YESSSS, GIRL!”


Jaynelle Stewart
Jaynelle Stewart

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Jaynelle Stewart is a marketing student with a knack for beauty, style, and blogging. Jaynelle describes herself as urban, versatile, and a trap music enthusiast.

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