Boston Fashion Week Real Beauty Moment: Fashion is My Strong Suit

Fashion designer Mia Gonzalez

I have an online boutique called Chicly Klosets. It’s an online boutique for women, but we’re going to have children’s and men’s by spring. Right now we have women’s accessories, shoes, and dresses.  I’m an accountant but fashion is my first love. I make all the pieces myself. I want everything I create to be different. Everything is customized to your need. 

Chicly Closet Boutique at the 2016 Boston Fashion Week


Chicly Kloset Boutique at the 2016 Boston Fashion Week


Necklace and dress designed and created by Chicly Kloset


I have two small children and a husband. I also have another business on the side as an event planner, but my true passion is fashion, it has been since I was 13. When we do showcase my prices go really low. But I want to keep my prices high-end because I like the exclusivity of having something that no one else has.

Fashion designer Mia Gonzalez

The Red Dress

I wanted a show-stopper. A dress made for the red carpet. It took about a month to make. If it was the only thing I had to do, it would take a week.  It goes for about $200 because of the materials and details. 

-Mia Gonzalez

Marcelle Hutchins
Marcelle Hutchins


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