Get Into ELLE Canada’s Tribute To Black Hair


ELLE Canada came so correct for their beauty spread featured in the September issue of the magazine.  Bantu knots, twists, baby hair, oh my! 

All of these iconic hair styles frame the beautiful faces of the six models featured in the beauty editorial titled “Natural Anthem.” 

The models also share their personal stories about hair and being a part of a shoot featuring all black women. Check out a few below.



From: Burundi
Agency: Dulcedo Management
Discovered: When she came to Canada to study four years ago.

ON BEING PART OF A SHOOT FOCUSING ON NATURAL HAIR “It’s amazing. We are getting there; diversity is what we’re fighting for. [We need to do] more things like this.”




From: Toronto
Agency: Dulcedo Management
Discovered: Three weeks before our shoot at a Beyoncé concert in Toronto. “I got stopped by one of the agents. I got her card and I emailed her. This is my first shoot.”

ON BEAUTY IN 2016 “I grew up in Toronto in a predominantly black community. Everyone had my hair…. I think our perception of beauty is changing. [The acceptance toward] sizes are changing, heights are changing. The look is changing. It’s really nice to see. It’s good to live in our time.”

FAVOURITE HAIR PRODUCTS “I wash my hair every day. I use SheaMoisture. I comb it with my fingers. [After my shower] I leave a little bit of conditioner just on the ends. Then, I use coconut oil on the top of my hair and leave conditioner on the bottom so it keeps up that curly. I scrunch it up and let my hair air dry.”



From: Kenya
Agency: Next Models Canada
Discovered: In 2007 at a Bay Street Tim Hortons while visiting from Guelph

BEAUTY ROUTINE “I don’t use a lot of makeup to be honest. I just cleanse with Clearasil and use moisturizer. I fill in my eyebrows and use a bit of foundation on my T-Zone, a bit of coverage under the eye, any blemishes. I keep it very simple.”


Check out the full editorial on the ELLE Canada website.




Abi Ishola
Abi Ishola


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