Real Beauty Moment: Three Years Natural



I actually went natural in 2013, so I was getting it relaxed. But then about my senior year in college I kind of really came into my own with my hair and I started seeing a lot of girls on campus who were natural so I started asking them questions. My mom is a retired cosmetologist. She never pressured me into doing anything, but she has locs, so she was like, whenever you want to do it we can chop it. That’s when I started feeling comfortable with myself, trying not to conform to white beauty standards.

Turning Point

Moving to New York. I’m from the south. It was always me and my mom. Everything we do, we’re like a tag team. So I’m here alone. I came with maybe like two friends, and adjusting to being a graduate student. I’m still kind of shook about being here, like I actually made it. I wanted to be here since I was small. I moved here in 2014. I’m very fresh.


My Goal

I want to go into fashion journalism. I studied journalism in undergrad and I was an editor for our paper there at my school and that was like one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. I felt comfortable doing it and I really like writing about fashion.

Scarlett Newman, IG: @peculiarpetitefemme




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