Beyond Perfection: “I Learned To Define Perfection For Myself By Learning To Accept Myself”


Growing up, I didn’t smile. I hated my teeth. I can’t remember exactly what age it was but it was probably around the age where my “adult teeth” were coming into form. I didn’t understand it. These weird teeth on this small face? Nah. When I finally did begin to smile, I thought that my upper lip was too large and I tucked it in.

I hated the fact that I had to wear eyeglasses. I ditched them once I turned 14, but yo, those years rocking my 4 eyes were not pretty.  During high school, I hated my hair in its natural state and I would beg my mom for a perm. She always told me no and that I would thank her for not perming my hair later down the line. She was right.  It wasn’t until college that I began to feel beautiful and understand what perfect really meant.  I knew nothing less than a smile in my photos, I started wearing my hair natural and I bought the coolest (most ridiculous) pair of white framed ray bans for when I did need to rock my eyeglasses. Figuring out what perfection means has a lot to do with personal growth, acceptance and maturity. I learned not to judge myself based off of the media’s unrealistic standard of beauty. I learned not to compare myself to others.  I learned to define perfection for myself by learning to accept myself.  I learned to accept the things that I could not change. I learned to find beauty in myself where nobody else did. I learned that where I am in life is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Being perfect is simply being the best version of myself. I don’t believe that God and the universe made any mistakes when creating me. It’s such a beautiful feeling being able to accept yourself as perfect and to be able to set your own standards. Once you learn that comparison is the thief of joy, life is beautiful. If you were the only person in this universe, you wouldn’t know anything other than perfection. You wouldn’t be able to look at another woman and say I want for my arms to be as strong as hers or for my hair to be as beautiful as hers.

Before growing into a woman, I could give you a long list of flaws and imperfections that I found in myself but now I am happy.  I am perfect and I am continuing to grow into an even more beautiful woman.  Where I am in life— mentally, physically and emotionally— just feels right.

– Rosco Spears. Artist. Stylist. Perfection.

Beyond Perfection is our collaboration with Perfection Is A Myth, a platform that seeks to destroy the narrative that we must all look, dress and behave the same in order to be considered “perfect.”  Read more by visiting

Perfection Is A Myth
Perfection Is A Myth


Perfection Is A Myth seeks to destroy the narrative that we must all look, dress and behave the same in order to be considered "perfect".

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